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 La Tierra Verde

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 The Finca lies along the historic route The Camino the Santiago de Compostella. This part of the route is also called Via de la Plata,

 Saint James route or camino Mozarabe. The Via de la Plata used to be the Roman Silver way and is for more than 2000 years the

 most prominent road going from South to North on this side of the Iberic Peninsula. Along the Via de la Plata you will find many

 relics of the Roman Imperium, like aquaducts, bridges, dams and reservoirs. From later dates there are many churches, castles and

 water mills. In this region there are many possibilities for hiking, starting at the finca and passing by these beautiful sights





A bit further from the finca you can visit the Castle in Montánchez, a 500 year old Holm (Encina de la Nieta),

or the recently restored dolmen of Lácara. The magnificent sight are easy to reach by car and offer excellent day trips.





Alcuéscar is situated in the middle of the heritage triangle Mérida, Cáceres en Trujillo, three beautiful

historic cities (all appear on the World Heritage list of Unesco). All three are definitely worth a visit.









Local delicacies


The village Montánchez lies 10 km from Finca El Chorillo. Montánchez is famous for its Iberico ham and other product. This pitoresk village is situated

on a hill top in the Sierra de Montánchez, with the eye-catching castle ruins overlooking the plains towards Cáceres. In the village there are many

restaurants, cafes and shops that sell Iberico ham and other local products.


Alcuéscar produces the local wine Pitarra. Pitarra has the colour of Rosé, but with a unique taste. It is made from a native grape variety, that grows

abundantly in the surrounding countryside. For the wine making process there is no yeast added, since the Pitarra yeast strain occurs naturally on the


The wine is pure natural without added chemicals. in Alcuéscar are several bodegas



On a short distance from Alcuéscar you will find the village Almoharin.  Almoharin is famous for its figs and especially the fig pralines.



In Cordobilla de Lácara there is one of the very few organic olive oil co-operations

in Spain. This olive oil is of excellent quality and has a unique gentle taste.



Leasure activities


This part of the ideal for walking and cycling. We can provide maps and route descriptions on request. There is as well the possibility to organize

a guided walk and bird viewing excursion (English speaking).



In the village there is a well maintained public swimming pool with sun meadows, open daily in the months July and

August. Close to the village there is a beautiful lake, with a dam that dates from the Roman Empire. At 20 km distance

from the finca you can swim in a larger lake from the same period, Embalse de Proserpina. This lake or reservoir used

to be the main water source of the Roman Capital of Spain Emerita Augusta (now known as Mérida). There are still

remains of the Auquaducts running through the now modern city. Nowadays Proserpina is a recreational lake, with a

few bars and restaurants, a sandy beach and the possibility to rent water bikes. Although in summer the lake is quite

popular, the environment is quite enough to harbor many birds.