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House rules


The main rule is: feel yourself at home and behave accordingly. This applies to the houses, the

contents and the outside areas. Please take care!


·        Check in time on day of arrival is after 16pm. Check out time on day of departure is before

11am. (Adaptation of these times are possible upon request).

·        Report as soon as possible after arrival any defects or damage in or around the holiday


·        In case of breakage or malfunction (light bulbs etc), contact us as soon as possible, in which

case we can replace or repair this immediately.

·        Do not smoke inside the houses.

·        Be extra careful with smoking outside, NEVER throw burning cigarettes or butts on the ground.

·        Open fire is a large part of the year prohibited. This includes barbeques on coal, fire baskets,

fireworks etc. Always ask the manager about the current fire regulations if you have the

intention of having a barbeque or other type of fire.

·        Drinking water: the tap water is coming from our own well and is suitable for cooking, washing,

brushing teeth etc. For drinking water. however, we recommend bottled water. For use on the

finca we are happy to provide you with bottles of drinking water for free.

·        Do not move the interior furniture outside.

·        Remind to get the cushions of the garden furniture in, in case of bad weather and at night.

·        Do not sleep on unmade beds without sheets and pillow cases.

·        In the case of children who are not dry at night, we expect that you take measures to protect

mattresses and bed covers.

·        The sewage system drains on a biodegradable septic tank. Therefore we use special

biodegradable cleaning product. Do not use other cleaning products and be careful with the use

of shower gels and other soap products.

·        Do not flush materials that can cause blockage of the sewage.

·        Garbage: In Spain the garbage is separated in the following categories:

o       YELLOW: bricks, plastic bottles, cans, other plastic.

o       BLUE: paper and carton

o       GREEN: other waste

o       GLASS: in glass container

§        Behind the casitas you'll find containers in corresponding colours. "Other waste"

should be thrown away in closed (plastic) bags. As well there is a metal container

especially for ash from wood stove, barbeque and ash tray.

·        At the close of your stay, the apartment should be clean, dishes should be done and put away,

the furniture on the original place, the rooms tidy, the fridge empty and the wood burner empty

of ashes.


We are counting on everyone to preserve the houses in a good state to ensure many more years

of pleasant stays at Finca El Chorillo.

We wish you an enjoyable stay and holiday!


© La Tierra Verde

10 feb 2016