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Dog rules


Dogs are welcome on the Finca, if the following is taken into account:


·        Dogs should have a valid pet passport

·        They should be vaccinated, including a valid vaccination against Rabies.

·        They should be chipped.

·        Never leave the dog(s) alone in the apartment.

·        Please bring your own a dog blanket, basket or bench

·        Dogs are not allowed in the bed room, or sleep on the furniture.

·        You should walk your dog(s) outside the finca.

·        Any droppings on the property should be cleaned up.

·        The dogs should not bother other guests (barking etc).

·        Dogs can go unleashed as long as they do not bother other guests and/or dogs.


* There is no maximum to the number of dogs you can bring, but please always indicate with your

   booking if and how many dogs you plan to bring.


* Walking dogs is no problem, opposite the finca there is a large forest, but there are many more

   possibilities to take your dog(s) for longer or shorter walks. Outside urban areas, dogs are mostly

   allowed free and unleashed. Within the villages, hamlets and towns dogs have to be leashed.


* The owners of La Tierra Verde have the right to ask owners whose dog(s) that cause nuisance to

   other guests and/or dogs to leave and find other accommodation.


* There is a very good veterinary service in Alcuéscar (3km). If needed we can come with you

   to assist with translation and other things.


* Note: In Spain it is prohibited by law to transport your dog(s) free in the car. On the back-seat the

   dog should be tied with a special dog safety belt or in a bench. If you transport your dog in the

   trunk, a partition should be placed (net or rack) between the trunk and the front of the car.

   The police can also ask for a fitting muzzle, which you should always carry when on the public road

   with your dog.

   Certain dog breeds are not allowed in Spain, or are subject to strict rules.

   More information about traveling with dogs in Spain you will find on various web sites.



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10 feb 2016