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Terms and conditions

1. Booking

You can book your accommodation by sending an email with the dates that you have chosen.

After receiving your email, you will receive a booking confirmation within 24h with the total of the price.


Please note: only after we have received the deposit (see below), the booking is confirmed. By

paying the deposit you automatically agree with the Terms and Conditions as described here as well

as the house rules and dog rules (if applicable).


2. Renting period

The minimum renting period for the Cottage is 3 nights, and for the Casita and Studio 1 night.


3. Payment

The deposit is 50% of the total payment and should be transferred within 7 days of receiving the

booking confirmation. Your booking is then definitive.

The remaining payment should be done 6 weeks before the date of arrival.

In case of bookings within 6 weeks of arrival, the total payment should be done in once

immediately in order to make your booking definitive.

When payment of the deposit, the remaining payment or complete payment is not done within the

time limit you will receive a onetime reminder per email with a last due date. If the deposit, the

remaining payment or complete payment is not received on the due date, your booking will be

canceled. Any payments already received will not be reimbursed.


4. Refundable deposit

For the use of the Cottage we ask a refundable deposit of €150.00; for the Casita or Studio the

refundable deposit is €100.00. The refundable deposit will be paid with the first payment or initial


After your departure we will check if the apartment is in the same state as at your arrival. Possible

damage missing items or other costs (ex. extreme high electricity use) will be deducted from the

refundable deposit. The (remaining amount of) refundable deposit is transferred back to your

account within 14 days of departure.

We always evaluate very reasonable. Possible damage or irregularities are photographed and send to

you by email. In practice, we seldom had to deduct anything from the refundable deposit, our guest

have always treated the apartments and contents with care and respect.


5. Inventory check

Upon arrival, you should check the inventory list see if everything is complete, undamaged and

working properly. If there is no mention within 24h of any defects or shortcomings, we suppose

everything is in order and are the guests from that moment responsible for the inventory.


6. Number of persons

The maximum number of persons staying in the apartment (as mentioned in the booking

conformation) should not be exceeded, except in the case of mutual agreement beforehand, in which

case the rates can be adjusted.

It is not allowed to use the apartment for commercial use, or as party location, if this is not

discussed beforehand with the managers.

Subletting of the apartment is not allowed.


7. I.D. – Privacy:

Under Spanish law we are obliged to keep a customer base in which we have to attach a copy of

your valid ID (passport, ID card). Upon arrival we will make a copy of your ID.

Your personal data will always be treated confidential and in no way communicated to third parties

with the exception of the Spanish authorities (Agencia Tributaria)


8. Dogs

Your dog or dogs are always welcome, but should be indicated on your booking mail. See also

"Rules when staying with dogs" on the website.

You should bring a dog blanket, basket or bench for your dog(s).


9. Bed linen, towels and kitchen towels

Bed linen, towels and kitchen towels are included.

Bedroom: pillows and pillow cases, sheets, duvet and duvet covers.

Kitchen: 2 tea towels, 2 kitchen towels and 1 cleaning cloth.

Bathroom: per person: 1 bath towel 2 towels and 1 wash cloth. The towels are not for use outside

the finca. We advise you to bring a beach towel or you can rent one from the manager for the use

outside the finca (swimming pools or lake beaches).


10. Energy

The use of water and electricity (within the norm of 10 kWH) is included in the price. In the Casita

and Studio there is no gas available and are costs for gas not applicable.

With extensive use of water and/or electricity we will charge an additional amount according to the

recent prices.

Heating: For the wood stove you will find a fire wood basket in the apartment. Additional fire wood

is provided free (within normal limits). Fire starters and kindling are not included.

Electric heaters are present in all apartments during the winter season.


11. Tourist tax

The tourist tax is included in the price.


12. Cleaning

Before departing the apartment should be tidy and clean (swept fridge and rubbish bin empty, dishes

done etc). The cost for end cleaning are included in the price.

When your stay extends over 1 week, your apartment will be cleaned weekly, and bed linen, towels

and kitchen towels will be replaced.


13. Complains

If you have complains about the accommodation during your stay, we'll ask you to discuss this with

the management. All complains are taken seriously and La Tierra Verde will try to solve the

problem(s) to your satisfaction. If the problem cannot be solved on short notice and your holiday

enjoyment is at risk, we shall consider a compensation.

Complains filed after or at the end of your stay can never be claimed.


14. Liability

During the renting period, the occupant is responsible for the apartment and all its contents and

should be insured against liability for third parties. La Tierra Verde accepts no liability or

responsibility for damage and inconveniences in whatever form and from any cause whatsoever, for

occupants and others who are in or near the rented house.


15 Cancellation

When you cancel your booking or with early departure we will not refund your payment (with the

exception of the refundable deposit, see number 4 above). We recommend to take a cancellation




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